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Welcome to .....The Disaster Management Centre (DMC) of the Ministry of Disaster Management with technical and financial support from the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) programme of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UNDP Regional Centre in Bangkok (RCB) has initiated the development of a database on the past disaster incidents from 1974 to date.
The Disaster Information Management System is a sustainable arrangement within an institution for the systematic collection, documentation and analysis of data about losses caused by natural and man maid disasters
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This querying system will provide you with basic data about the effects of many types of natural disasters occurred in the country.
Disaster Information Managment System in Sri Lanka from 1974 to Upto Date...

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2011 Jan 05

The disaster event profile of Sri Lanka presents how disaster events of different categories have been distributed chronologically, seasonally and spatially. Distribution wise, the overall disaster typology in Sri Lanka is not distributed evenly. In terms of annual time series distribution.... Read More.....

Sri Lanka National Report on Disaster Risk, Poverty and Human Development Relationship

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March 2017,

Nearly 951,597  people in several districts have been affected by the prevailing drought. 95,334 people in Eastern Province, 428,181 people in Northern Province 133,198  people in North Western Province,  101,498 people in Sabaragamuwa Province, 7660 people in North Central Province, and 185,726 people in western province are facing a water shortage due to the drought in Sri Lanka.

October 2016,

Nearly 208,000 people from 51,561 families in several districts have been affected by the prevailing drought.69,678 people in Eastern Province, 8,600 people in Northern Province, 8,422 people in North Western Province, over 10,000 people in Sabaragamuwa Province, and 110, 350 people from 23,000 families in North Central Province are facing a water shortage due to the drought in Sri Lanka.

May 2016,
Flooding in SriLanka caused

A low pressure zone above Sri Lanka caused heavy rainfall all over the country since 14th May 2016 to date. Several locations of Kelani , Kalu, Mahaweli, Deduru Oya, Yan Oya, Maha Oya and Attanagalu Oya are observed rising water levels cause flooding.Nuwaraeliya, Ratnapura, Kalutara, Kandy Puttalam, Batticaloa and Anuradhapura are the other district receivedmore than 100 mm rainfall.


People Affected, Losses to Agricultural Crops
It is also important to note that major droughts occurred in 1992 and 2001....
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People Affected, Damaged and Destroyed Houses, Losses to Agricultural Crops
Until the year 2002, the annual average number of landslide records did not exceed 50....
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Animal Attack

People Affected, Damaged and Destroyed Houses...
However, unlike people affected, deaths appear to be fluctuating within the last.....