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Data Validation

Data Entry Process


Data entry was done at the DMC. For this exercise three data entry officers were employed. They were recruited by the UNDP on SSA contract and worked under the supervision of DesInventar officer.

The data was entered through a computer network installed at the DMC. The main database was established in one computer and the data was entered through other computers at the Centre. No effort was made to maintain database separately at any instance and to enter all the data later and put them together. Accordingly no problems were encountered while entering the data.

However it will be very important if there are facilities to enter the data separately while using them and to collect them together subsequently. All organisations at the National and District levels possess technical facilities only at very low level and as a result use of internet facilities as well as computer network facilities are not possible.

Data entry at national level is still taking place : Data entry operators have been recruited under UNDP and well trained for data entering