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Data Validation

Quality Control/ mechanisms put in place:


The accuracy was established in the data as mentioned below by getting the required data from various selected original sources.

  • Before the data is entered in to the computer they are recorded in a specially prepared form called a data card.
  • At the beginning the forms were filled and completed with the data collected from the news papers and thereafter such data was entered in the computer.
  • Again a form was filled anew with the information collected from national level government organisations. And thereafter that data was compared with the data already computerized and they were updated or entered as new data as appropriate.
  • While collecting data from the organisations at the district level the particular form was used directly. Information obtained by using the format was compared again with the data in the database and they too were updated as necessary or in the alternative entered as new data.
  • All these forms were filed along with the initial reports according to the year of the incident of disaster.

The field(variable) used for the collection of data with respect to ill effects resulted in various areas after disasters were designated to suit the country context.

  • The people who had got affected on account of epidemics were entered as affected; but in other countries such people have been introduced as injured.