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Data Validation

Examples of issues


A disaster that took place on one particular day was given in different original source of information as happened on various dates. In this respect prominence was given to the most suitable original source of information.

  • In certain original sources the data in respect of the very same occurrence had been given at the district level, and in some sources the data has been given at the level of divisional secretary’s. In such instances, the data pertaining to District Secretary divisions are entered separately, and those in respect of the district are entered in the computer separately. When this procedure is followed it avoids the data of the Divisional Secretaries level getting entered under the respective district level.
  • There are instances where mention is made in respect of only those who were affected without indicating the number of families and in the same way there are instances where the numbers of families are mentioned without indicating the number of persons. In such instances it was considered that a family consisted of 05 members when completing the relevant data.
  • There are instances where data with respect to several disasters that had taken place on the very same day in two locations in the same Divisional Secretary’s division being recorded in one single report. In such instances the adverse effects due to each calamity were identified separately. When such separation is not possible only the data in respect of location in each disaster is entered separately in the database.
  • The information received at the time of a disaster or immediately after such an occurrence, is not entered in the database immediately after the receiving such information. Entering of such data in the database is carried out only after confirming the accuracy and after comparing the information received after the damaged situation of the disaster has already disappeared completely.