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Data Collection Process:

From the news papers published daily:


The collection of data was commenced at the beginning of August 2006 and it was completed by the end of the September 2006.

Ten Research assistants were recruited for this exercise, and they were all graduates. They were given a substantial training at the beginning about disaster management, types of disasters and the methods adopted in data collection. As the news papers could not be taken out of the premises where they have been preserved for the collection of the required data, all extracts of reports found in the above mentioned daily news papers were photographed with digital cameras and there after all such news extracts photographed were printed.

A form was designed and the Research Assistants had to fill in the forms accordingly, taking all the facts appearing in every news paper report facilitating the collection of the required data. All these forms which have been duly filled are filed along with the extracts of the particular news report. The research assistants were recruited by the UNDP through the private organisation named “B Connected” and they were paid a monthly remuneration.

Recruited 10 university students as research assistant and trained them for data collection