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Data Collection Process:

Government organisations at subnational level:

Collection of data from government organisations at sub national level were done in two stages with the assistance and cooperation of the following:
  • Office of the District Secretary, office of the Divisional Secretary, Department of Agrarian Services, Fire Brigade Unit of the Local Authority, office of Wildlife Conservation Department, District Disaster Management Coordination Unit

This was conducted in two stages and during the first stage it was conducted in 12 districts commencing in January 2007 and completing it in May 2007.

First Stage :
  • Initially a programme was conducted to educate all the District Disaster Management Coordinators as to how the data has to be collected and the manner in which relevant ideas and facts could be obtained
  • Thereafter the District Disaster Management Coordinators trained a group of persons selected from the district unit
  • A form evolved for the collection of data was prepared and printed and given to the respective District Disaster Management Coordinating Units to be sent to the respective Divisional Secretary’s offices, to enlighten the officers there and to collect necessary information.
  • The data in respect of the Divisional Secretariats were given by the Social Service Officers and the Grama Niladhari Officers and this information was certified as correct by the Divisional Secretaries
  • Traveling expenses were paid to those who were sent to Divisional Secretaries Divisions to obtain the required data with the assistance of the UNDP through the District Secretary
  • The District Secretary directed the collection of data within the district and the District Disaster Management Coordination Unit gave their fullest cooperation in respect of this exercise
  • The collection of data was coordinated by the Disaster Management Center and the UNDP
Second Stage :

The data collection in the 2nd stage in 13 districts was started in October 2007 and completed in March 2008.

  • Programmes to educate and enlighten those in the selected organisations within every district have been conducted
  • With the concurrence of those organisations one officer was selected to represent the respective organisations within every division and the forms for the collection of data were given to that particular officer
  • In this exercise social service officers represented the District Secretaries Offices, and the District Agricultural Officers represented the Department of Agrarian Services. Two Social Service Officers were selected to represent the Central Government as well as the Provincial Councils in few of the districts
  • All documents indicating whatever information required were directed to the District Disaster Management Unit through the District Secretary with his certification