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Planning of Data Collection and level (National / Subnational):

Lessons learned:


While considering the existence of original information and the data preserved with them in respect of past disasters to make proper use of the original information both the government organisations and news papers were very important and valuable. If the DMC wants to make use of the data for useful management of disasters of the past, it is very important that such data should be collected at the level of the Grama Niladhari divisions, as it is the lowest level in the administrative set up.

The basic data about all the incidents are very valuable in the analysis of correct data and information during the particular period along with how such incidents had an impact on various fields. For this purpose the data has to be collected through many original sources.

The government organisations as well as the district level organisations should pay more attention when collecting original data and information. Certain districts have data in respect of disasters which as inherent for those districts only and there are instances where such data and information are not available at the national level.

After conducting an extensive survey, it is very important to trace the original source to explore as to which is the most suitable before collecting the required data.

  • The centre collected information in respect of contagious diseases with the assistance of the past news papers and the relevant data had be collected over again by going through the end week reports prepared and maintained by the unit which is established for the control of contagious diseases by the Department of Health.