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What is Disaster Information Management System

Progress of Disaster Information System in Sri Lanka


The initial collection of the data was commenced in August in 2006 by using news papers (The two news papers” Daily News” and “Dinamina” published by Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd which is a government organisation) as a basis for the lack of availability data in the government organization for 32 year period and the exercise was completed by September, 2006. The collection of data at the national level from the relevant government organisations was commenced in January 2007 and completed in March same year. After that, it has been continued frequently year by year.

Gathering of data was carried out in two stages with direct support from line departments at district level. Stakeholder meetings were organized at district level to educate the government officials on DesInventar and make them aware of the data collection process. For the first stage, 12 districts were selected and the work was started in November 2006 and completed in March of 2007. The work in the balance 13 districts were commenced in October 2007 and completed in May 2008. The third stage, 21 districts were selected and the work was started in January 2009 and completed in December 2009. More than 109600 data records are available in the existing database associated with 25 different types of disasters

The first stakeholder consultation workshop was held in October 2006. The second workshop was held in June 2007. The preliminary data analysis report too was launched on the same day. The first training programme for a more than 50 selected officers from the national and district levels was conducted in October 2006. A second training programme for nearly 40 district officers from 9 selected districts was conducted in June 2007. Thereafter, more than 700 selected government officials in 20 districts were also trained in the year 2008.

On introduction of the system by DMC, it is getting direct support from the national and district level agencies to update and maintain the databases. Specific government agencies have already been made aware about the databases and they have agreed to provide their fullest support to update databases at national and district levels.