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Definitions of Events

Tidal Wave


Great sea waves breaking on the shore; Abrupt rise of tidal water moving rapidly inland from the coast or mouth of an estuary; Includes waves caused by cyclones, gales or storms (other than tsunami or seaquake), by rise of average sea level during the phenomenon “El Niño”.


The term is applied only to a series of large waves generated by sudden displacement of seawater due to under-sea movements (caused by earthquake, volcanic eruption or submarine landslide); capable of propagation over large distances and causing a destructive surge on reaching land breaking on the shore. Tsunami (“wave in the port” in Japanese) is the Japanese term for this phenomenon, which is observed mainly in the Pacific, has been adopted for general usage.

Animal attack

Attacks by elephants or other wild animals

Plague (Insect infestation)

Proliferation of insects or animal pests or parasites affecting communities, agriculture, crops, cattle or stored perishable goods; for example, rats, locusts, african bees, etc.

Biological Event

Destruction of biological species for known or unknown reasons. In the end, these events may be associated to pollution or drastic changes in environmental parameters. Disasters from insects or animal pests affecting communities, cattle or stored perishable goods should be reported under Plague

Boat Capsize

Overturning of a boat due to hitting the water-bed or due to sea-disturbances.