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Definitions of Events

Leak, Oil Spill


Leak of harmful liquid, solid or gas substances, toxic/lethal chemicals, explosives and other hazardous materials, whether radioactive or not, generated by technological accidents, human fault or transportation accidents; Oil spills in sea from vessels / crafts; Radiation leakages “Industrial Radiation”; Gas leaks from industrial sites “Industrial Gas leak”.

Chemical spill

Accidental release occurring during the production, transportation or handling of hazardous chemical substances and forms a disaster subset of disaster type « industrial accident ».

Structural Collapse

Damages or collapse of any type of structure including buildings, for reasons such as excess weight in public places, bridges, etc.; can include industrial structures or domestic / non-industrial structures “Industrial Collapse”. This event includes damage that, although not taking the structures to the point of collapse, does make them unusable. Damages in structures caused by natural phenomena are reported as an effect of these phenomena.


Explosions of any type; explosions involving buildings or structures; can either involve industrial structures (industrial explosion), or domestic/non-industrial structures (miscellaneous explosion).


Panic or mass hysteria among people concentrated in a certain place (stadiums, theatres, etc.) that can kill or injure them, and cause physical damage. Includes panicky situations caused by early warnings about incoming events. An example is the panicky situation created by possibility of elephant attack during a procession with hundreds of elephants where thousands of people are gathered along the route.

Industrial accident

Technological accidents of an industrial nature/involving industrial buildings (e.g. factories); Can include Chemical spill/leak Explosions “Industrial Explosion”; Radiation leakages “Industrial Radiation”; Collapses “Industrial Collapse”; Gas leaks from industrial sites “Industrial Gas leak”; Poisoning “Industrial Poisoning”; Fires “Industrial Fire”; and other technological accidents involving industrial sites.