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Definitions of Events

Storm / Gale


Rain accompanied by strong winds and/or lightning. There is no difference between “storm” and “gale”. The term wind storm is also used. Gale is a very strong wind. The term is synonymous with gust.


Unusually dry season, without rain or with shortage of rain. As a whole, these are long periods (months and even years).


An infectious disease attacking many individuals in a community during short terms (days, weeks, months maximum) such as cholera, typhoid, bubonic plague etc., which already exists in the region or the population concerned; or the appearance of an infection previously absent.

Lightning (Thunderstorm)

Electrical Storm: concentration of atmospheric static discharges (lightning), with effects on people, cattle, domestic properties, infrastructure (mains, for example, causing blackouts), and industries. It is different from “storm” in that thunderstorms are not accompanied by rain and gusty winds.


Tornados are winds whirling around a small area of extremely low pressure, usually characterized by a dark funnel shaped cloud causing damage along its path; usually without rain or little rain. The term is synonymous with whirlwind.