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Definitions of Events

Forest fire


Forest fire includes wild fire, bush fire or grass fire. The event includes all open-air fires in forests, natural and artificial forestSedis, plains, etc.

Urban or industrial Fire

Urban or industrial fire, but not including forest fires covering extensive damage; Could be due to natural phenomena such as lightning, earthquakes, or due to accidents, technology failure etc. They may also be caused by arsonists or careless smokers, by those burning wood or by clearing a forest area.


Precipitation, including punctual, persistent or torrential rain, or rain exceeding the average rainfall of the specific region; also unusually long rain periods. Rain includes terms such as downpour, cloudburst, heavy shower, deluge, persistent drizzle, squalls, etc.


Deposits of solid material on hillsides and river beds produced by mass movements or surface erosion with damages on crops, utilities or other infrastructure.


High speed whirling winds moving in a circular path (of about 100–300 km diameter) in an anticlockwise direction around an extremely low pressure area at the centre. Strong whirling winds accompanied by rain. They are originated in the Bay of Bengal.